Tribal Programs

Building on Strengths and Resources of Native Cultures

Tribal TANF programs have the opportunity to improve the lives of Native people, families and communities. It takes skilled managers and staff to address the complex and unique needs of American Indians.

UC Davis' Human Services Programs offer Tribal TANF professional and organizational development to help tribes build staff skills, deliver appropriate services and strengthen families and communities. All training and services are infused with cultural values and principles specific to Native American culture.

Supported by Practical Experience

UC Davis' Human Services Programs have worked with tribes since 2005, providing training and technical assistance to more than 40 Tribal TANF programs in 18 states.

In addition to our open enrollment training offerings, our staff can work directly with sponsoring Tribal TANF programs to assess needs and tailor training and services to specific tribal cultures.

All instructors and consultants have extensive experience working with Tribal TANF programs. With diverse cultural backgrounds, trainers have been selected for their knowledge, training skills and respect for Native culture.

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