Antiracism Resources

Human Services professionals serve some of the most vulnerable children, youth, adults and families, and this requires that we be informed, willing and committed to “do the work” of becoming anti-racist in our work and our lives. Not being racist is not enough; we must take a strong, sustained and active stance against racism in all its forms. “Doing the work” includes the internal work on our own biases and complicity with systems that create and sustain inequality, as well as the work at an agency and system level to understand and undo structures that have led to inequity and disparate impact for children, youth, families and adults who are people of color. There are many excellent resources available online about antiracism; this list is just a small sample of useful resources to support this important work.

Training in Antiracism and Other DEI Topics

To learn about our training offerings on these topics, visit our DEI training page.