Parent Partners

What is a Parent Partner?

Parent partners are assigned to work with the parents of children and youth who receive Wraparound services. They are mothers and fathers who have first-hand experience with the Child Welfare system, and they have come away stronger and more resilient. They have an appreciation of what it takes to be successful and have exhibited exceptional qualities in their own efforts to develop workable permanency plans for their children and they understand how the Child Welfare system works.

They find their voice in child abuse prevention programs, public child welfare, juvenile probation or mental health agencies. Regardless of the system, they build upon their personal experience to achieve better outcomes for all children and families they serve. In California, each individual agency or county department determines how parent partners can best serves their community.

Parent partners are key to family-focused, family-driven services. Families are recognized for their strengths and have a primary decision-making role in the care of their own children, as well as the policies and procedures governing care for all children. Parent partners work by directly engaging and supporting families. Parent partners convey information on how systems and programs can instill the family-centered and family-driven philosophy and principles into practice both internally and collaboratively with community partners.

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