Building Resilience in Yourself and in Our Communities

This exclusive four-day program is designed to build resilience in yourself and in the communities you serve. This program provides the helping professional with strategies and tools to navigate through the impacts of the various situations you’ve endured in recent years.

Session 1: Growing Family Resilience 

This workshop addresses the unique challenges that workers face as they work in a new work environment—whether it be doing remote work for the first time, returning to the office or going back to serving clients face-to-face. We’ll learn to integrate concepts of positive reengagement with colleagues and clients to rebuild the relational pieces of the work you do. We’ll also provide strategies for practicing wellness and mindfulness.

Session 2: Mastering Your Daily Routine 

This workshop provides strategies for increasing productivity levels in the workplace. We’ll learn to leverage our strengths for best work outcomes and obtain time and stress management skills. We’ll also employing practical key strategies to engage and motivate yourself and others in the workplace.

Session 3: Racial Equity and Inclusion 

This workshop discusses strategies for bringing self-awareness to community needs for equity and inclusion. We’ll cover the topics of unconscious bias, microaggressions, communication skills and conflict management through a cultural lens.

Session 4: Providing Trauma-Informed Services 

This workshop explores the topic of trauma. We’ll understand the impact of trauma from childhood to adulthood and the affects it has on people’s behaviors. We’ll learn crisis-intervention and de-escalation techniques to best respond and serve those who have experienced trauma. We’ll discover how to provide caring, compassionate, and empathetic services that are trauma-informed to create a culture of healing.

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