Supportive Supervision Series 1 & 2

What is Supportive Supervision?

Supportive supervision is a facilitative approach to supervision that promotes mentorship, joint problem-solving and communication between supervisors and supervisees. It is carried out in a respectful and non-authoritarian way with a focus on using supervision as an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills of staff. Supportive supervision depends upon regular follow-up with staff to ensure new tasks are being implemented correctly. Supportive supervision is helping to make things work, rather than checking to see what is wrong.

Research shows that a supportive approach, where supervisors and their staff work together to solve problems and improve performance, delivers improved results for the agency and the community. More and more, human services staff are encouraged to work with clients as partners who are there to assist them on their journey toward self-sufficiency. Supportive supervision parallels this same model of mutual responsibility and can be used as a way to model desired behavior.

About the Series

Our intent in providing the Supportive Supervision training series is to provide supervisors in human services with proven strategies and tools that support supervisors as they carry out their diverse activities. We intend that agency leadership will use this information to design an integrated organizational response to the diverse needs of their agencies’ supervisors.

This series will cover skills for managing a variety of processes with staff and in larger contexts. It will also prepare supervisors to assume a leadership role in agencies and in collaborative efforts.

Bring This Program to Your County

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