Staff Development Series: Training for Trainers

What do excellent trainers seek when they want to develop their skills and expertise? Training! Trainers seek to build their skill sets with fresh ideas, and incorporate new and effective ways to organize and package their content for impactful training delivery. They seek practice and the opportunity to process what they are learning with their peers. Trainers looking to develop their skills and expertise also seek to receive honest feedback to revise and enhance their curriculum, training materials and training delivery style.

The Staff Development Series: Training for Trainers has been designed to incorporate all of this—with the goal of accelerating knowledge and skill development for both new and experienced trainers.


This series has been developed with the intent to impact and engage a wide range of participants seeking to develop their training skills and expertise. The instructors and sessions will model a diverse array of outcome-oriented, adult learner-centered methodologies and effective training practices—all of which connect to transfer of learning opportunities.

This series is comprised of six days of training covering the following five modules:

  • Module 1 - Connect with RESPECT: Adult Learning Theory and Practice
  • Module 2 - TOL Leads to TOT: Training in a Transfer of Learning/Transfer of Training System
  • Module 3 - The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Course
  • Module 4 - Creative Training with the Brain in Mind
  • Module 5 - Ready, Set, Deliver!

Bring This Program to Your County

See below for statewide (open enrollment) scheduled offerings. To bring this program directly to your county, please submit an In-County Training Request.